“A new childhood classic!”

The story of “When Glory Got Her Glow Back” took me back to a classic tale from my youth that also used colors to tell an empowering story. The Wizard of Oz included a yellow brick road, ruby red slippers, emerald city and even a scarecrow. Glory is a classic tale for a new generation, reminding us that the power we search for is already within us. The book shares an important message that every child needs to hear – when we connect with our “glow”, our true self, we become empowered, strong and confident.

Thanks for sharing your glow Laurel Lund. Glory is an inspiring read for all ages!

Lynn Bardowski
NAWBO SNJ Trailblazer of the Year

You “Glow” Girl!

In a day and age where self-confidence and self-esteem are more important than ever before, we all need a little inspiration and guidance. Although this book is geared towards children, the lessons to be learned are quite powerful for any age. At any point in our busy lives, young and old, we may loose our “Glow”, and that can lead to a lifetime of downward spirals if we don’t have the proper guidance. By understanding the basic principles of this book, we have the ability to prevent these issues at a young age and find our own inner strengths that help us grow emotionally, intellectually, and will ultimately mold us into the confident people we are today.

Whitney Ullman Founder

“Kids need empowerment, too!”

This is a simple story of symbolism and color brought down to a basic level where a child can learn that you can shine from within and empower yourself, radiating an inner glow, bestowing it upon the world. The illustrations are adorable, and the messages the author outlines are universal. Don’t judge this book by its cover alone, though! The life lessons transcend to adulthood, too.

Laura Madsen

“Glory’s Glow Needs to Glow Global”

I want my three young boys to grow up strong, to face life’s challenges; honest to be able to live with themselves; thoughtful so as to be generous with their time, talent and treasure; and industrious so they won’t let failures stop them. This wonderful book begins the process of preparing them for all the challenges they will have to face.

First, my hat is off to Laurel Lund for creating such a wonderful book. Secondly, my hat is off to her publisher for recognizing the timeless value of the lessons described on every page. And finally, I agree with the others who have written reviews.

As I read “Glory Gets Her Glow Back”, I realized that Glory never lost her glow. She simply had to get an understanding of what makes her an asset to herself and everyone around her. In other words, she mistakenly thought her glow came from the outside, somewhere. What Glory learned, and all of us need to remember, is that most of the solutions to our problems come from inside us. It is the solving of our problems that makes us believe in ourselves, not what others say about us. That’s why I am hoping that parents all over the world get this book for their children…and themselves.

Kevin M

“This story is a beautiful tale of truth.”

Glory’s journey is universal. I bought this book for my grandchildren…the message is for everyone. I highly recommend this tale of truth!

Heidi Stevenson


This is an amazing book for the young and young at heart! The story and the illustrations were very sweet. We need more little gems like this one.

C L McLeod

“Unforgettable Glory”

I’m not sure who will get more from this wonderful tale of Glory the glowworm – the wide eyed child listening to the story or the adult reading it to them. The timeless lessons so skillfully stated are truly memorable, fundamentally truthful and endlessly beneficial to everyone no matter what their age. It reminded me that we are all glowing when we are “Full-filled!”

Cindy C
Author of “Moving Past”


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